War Is Not The Only Way.

This is what Harry Patch, the last surviving soldier of World War I said:

“War is organized murder and nothing else.”

I just wanna say that war is not the only way. It’s not the only answer. In war no one ever wins. Even if you win the fight you still lose. Because in both ways human lives are being sacrificed. How can you kill innocent people? See the faces of those innocent Syrian children, they are harmless. Their lives don’t matter to you. Why? Because they’re from Syria? Because they’re not Americans? Because they’re not from a developed country? Or because they are Muslims?

President Hollande said France would be “merciless toward the barbarians of Islamic State group”.

“Faced with war, the country must take appropriate action,” he said.

What is an appropriate action? Killing innocent civilians?

You wanna fight the terrorists, go ahead nobody is stopping you. But leave children and innocent civilians out of it. Killing innocent people is always wrong.

“Let There Be Peace.”ee0b165f61c579034299cba5763ee824


She Is Strong

She is strong,
She is confident,
She is brave,
She is independent,
She is all what you want to be.
But was she like this when she was born?
Was she born with this attitude?
She was a weak, shy, cowardly little girl. She was broken, she was helpless and she was alone. But then a time came in her life when she picked herself up, when she told herself to be stronger, when she told herself to be confident, when she told herself to be brave, when she told herself to be independent, when she became that person who she wanted when she was younger. Because it was the only option.
She became what she is now and who made her into this? She, herself.
Beneath every strong, independent women lies a broken little girl.