A War Against Yourself..


Depression doesn’t always make you a drug addict, it doesn’t always provoke you to self harm.
Depression doesn’t always make you a loner, it doesn’t always make you write suicide notes.

Depression doesn’t always make a girl lock herself in the bathroom and cry for hours, it doesn’t always make a boy wear long sleeves and smoke on the roof.

It’s not always dark and gloomy, sometimes it’s bright and colorful.

Sometimes depression is all smiles and laughs and good grades.
Sometimes depression makes you listen to loud music.

Depression can be a charming boy who’s always helpful or a beautiful girl who you always borrow things from, depression can be a stranger sitting on the beach in a park or it can be your dearest friend. Depression can be a person surrounded by people or someone who is home alone.


It doesn’t always kill you physically sometimes it kills you mentally.
Depression can’t be detected that easily.


It’s All About The Face

Face, it’s all about the face.
They’ll judge you because of your face,
They’ll become friends with you because of your face,
They’ll love you because of your face,
They’ll hate you because of your face,

No one bothers to look deep inside and search for the soul, they don’t even try to know more about a person. They’ll hangout with an idiot if he has a pretty face and not with someone who’s actually intelligent.
They’ll always go for a pretty face.
All that matters is a pretty little face.