Love And Loneliness

Don’t you think love makes you lonely?

I mean just look at the moon.

It’s so close to the Earth yet so faraway.

Earth and  Moon keep taring at each other but never come closer.


Because they know if they get close, they’ll destroy each other.

To keep each other safe they stay faraway.

If you love someone so much you just have to let them go.

That’s what love does.

It makes you lonely.



Failed Humans

Isn’t it sad that we want humans to rest in peace when they’re dead but we don’t want them to live in peace?

Can’t we all ¬†just sit together and enjoy tea?

Or maybe just admire the nature?

Why do we fight?

Why do we kill?

Why can’t we be happy for each other?

This world is big enough for all of us so why can’t we all live peacefully?

Is it such a hard thing to do?

Sadly we’ve failed as Humans.