You know what hurts?

You know what hurts?
When you see little kids getting bullied,
When you see the best people committing suicide,
When you see little ones getting cancer,
When you see teens getting into drugs,
When you see husbands and wives cheating on each other,
When you see kids suffering because of a bad relationship between their parents,
When you see people becoming depressed because of every other thing,
When you see that every other person is lonely,
You know what hurts?
When you see that humans are falling apart and you can’t do anything about it.
When you can’t do anything to stop it.



Hope we all make it

Don’t compare yourself with others. You might be going in the same direction but you don’t always take the same path. People take their time to travel their own distance. So never look down on a person who is left behind, maybe he took the longer turn?
If he’s behind that doesn’t mean he won’t reach his destination. It simply means that he is going to take his time to reach the place where he belongs.
Success doesn’t come by dragging others down or by making fun of someone who has left behind, it comes by lifting people up, it comes by helping someone win.


Always remember that life is not a race where you have to come first.
It is a path that everyone has to cross.
So if someone is left behind don’t make it hard for them to catch up. JustĀ help them out, drag them along and make them win.
I hope we all make it.

Mom And Dad


I miss you a lot Mom,
You know I miss you Dad,
This world, it just makes me sad,
These people, they try to bring me down,
They try to crush my dreams,
They try to walk all over me,
But I have your memories,
They keep on holding me,
Hugging me tight,
I know you’re watching me,
That’s what makes me feel alright,
I know you’re worried too,
But don’t worry I won’t lose this fight,
Just trust me okay?
I’ll make it out alive,
You’re my strength even when you’re not around,
Sometimes when I miss you it feels like I’m gonna drown,
But then I pull myself together and stand high on the ground,
It’s you who make me, me,
It’s you who make me strong,
I’m going to miss you everyday and hope to see you around.