You know what hurts?

You know what hurts?
When you see little kids getting bullied,
When you see the best people committing suicide,
When you see little ones getting cancer,
When you see teens getting into drugs,
When you see husbands and wives cheating on each other,
When you see kids suffering because of a bad relationship between their parents,
When you see people becoming depressed because of every other thing,
When you see that every other person is lonely,
You know what hurts?
When you see that humans are falling apart and you can’t do anything about it.
When you can’t do anything to stop it.



Love And Loneliness

Don’t you think love makes you lonely?

I mean just look at the moon.

It’s so close to the Earth yet so faraway.

Earth and  Moon keep taring at each other but never come closer.


Because they know if they get close, they’ll destroy each other.

To keep each other safe they stay faraway.

If you love someone so much you just have to let them go.

That’s what love does.

It makes you lonely.