Love And Loneliness

Don’t you think love makes you lonely?

I mean just look at the moon.

It’s so close to the Earth yet so faraway.

Earth and  Moon keep taring at each other but never come closer.


Because they know if they get close, they’ll destroy each other.

To keep each other safe they stay faraway.

If you love someone so much you just have to let them go.

That’s what love does.

It makes you lonely.


Happy Mother’s Day


Yesterday was mothers day and I was trying my best to be normal, to be okay…
I didn’t log into Facebook or Twitter just so that I could avoid all those posts by my friends about their Mom’s. But then I told myself that I can’t just hide from the world, I can’t just pretend that I am totally fine,I can’t just lie to myself that I don’t miss my mom because I did miss her in fact I felt like my heart was aching….

Yesterday every single second reminded me of my mom. The way she used to get all excited about what me and my sister got for her and then how she used to scold us after opening her present “Why do you spend so much money on these kind of things? I have you both that’s the biggest gift God gave me. I don’t need all these things.”
Moms are always like that..
“Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t spend money on useless things…”
But now I don’t have anyone to tell me what to do and what not to do, what to buy and what not to buy…
It’s weird that when people leave they take a part of you with them.
Because of that missing part you’re not yourself anymore.
I miss you mama.
I wish I had a chance to say goodbye to you, I wish I had a chance to tell you that I love you and I wish I could tell you that you make me strong.

You’re gone too soon..

You might not be here with me but you’ll always be alive in my heart…
Happy Mothers Day Mama.



Sometimes I wish I was one of those people who don’t care about anything, who can’t feel anyone’s pain, who can’t share anyone’s burden, who don’t get hurt when someone else is hurting, I wish I was one of them. Although it is disgusting that you being a human can’t share the pain of another human. But at the same time I think the people who don’t care are living a pretty easy life. I mean imagine that someone had an accident and is dying on the road and you’re just driving by not caring enough to stop and check on that person, imagine someone begging for money so that they can eat something but you don’t care if someone’s dying of hunger as long as your stomach is full, imagine being this feeling less, that would be pretty sick right? But it would be an easy thing to do. Sometimes I wish I could just switch off my humanity mode and become an emotionless freak…




I am Maham Babar, student of BS Mass Communication and I love to read. I read all kind of books but my favourite generas to read are: Dystopian, Contemporary, Adventure and Mystery. My passion is definitely reading books and forcing others to read them too. I plan on becoming a crazy book lady when I’m old. I like it when people talk about the books they’ve written, or the books they’ve read, or the books they have, or the books they want to read, or the books I’m reading or just books.

Books are kinda like drugs you get addicted to them but they don’t harm you. Some people think reading books is a waste of time, some find it boring but I believe that only that person finds reading boring who lacks imagination. Books can take you to another world where you can be whoever you want to be, where you can live another person’s life, where you can experience a happy ending, where you can fall in love. I love that moment when you open a book and sink into it. You can escape from the world, into a story that is way more interesting than yours.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” These are the words of a well known American Novelist George R. R Martin.

Indeed you live a thousand lives when you read books. By reading books you can travel the whole world even when you have to stay where you are. Books can take you to the moon, they can take you to Hogwarts, they can take you to Wonderland, they can take you wherever you want. Books can make you feel all sorts of things. They can make you happy, they can make you sad, they can make you laugh and they can even make you cry. Books can inspire you, they can motivate you to go on with your life. Sometimes life gets in the way of living, sometimes things get hard and you just stop living. This is the time when you need someone to push you, someone to tell you that you cannot just sit in a corner your whole life, that you have to move on and live not only breathe but actually live. So when I was going through hell I made books my best companions.


While talking about my love for books lemme share this one thing about my life. When I was a kid I was very naughty. I used to do all the things that I wasn’t allowed to do. I used to talk a lot and annoying others was kinda like my hobby. But at the age of 8 when my Baba passed away I became quiet. By quiet I mean I became that kinda kid who doesn’t talk at all, the kinda kid who’d sit in a corner and not say much. I became shy and my confidence shattered. But then I started writing. I used to write all those things in a diary which I was afraid to say out loud. Then slowly I became better although I couldn’t recover from that trauma but I healed. I was living but the life I was living had no aim. I wanted someone to push me, I wanted someone to tell me to stop being stupid, I wanted someone to tell me that this is life and this is how it’s supposed to be. So I started reading books. I made books my motivation, my inspiration, my friends and my family. This might be weird to some of you but to me this is my life. Few months ago my Mama also passed away. After Baba’s death it’s the second time when I stopped living, when I stopped caring about stuff, when nothing mattered anymore. Life sucks when you lose your parents, when you’re on your own, when you have to fight the world to survive and keep going on. It gets hard but I couldn’t just stop living, I couldn’t just curl up in to a small ball and sit in a corner all my life. I had to find my old self back, I had to keep myself busy and I found myself in books. Khaled Hosseini says “Zindagi Migzara” (Life goes on) it does go on and never waits for anyone. It was books that made me feel that perhaps i’m not completely alone. So pull yourself up, grab a book, start reading and start living. I rely so much on books because they never hurt me, they’re the best friends I have. When I start reading a book I escape from my life, I escape from the reality and enter the world which is way more interesting than the reality. So I recommend everyone to read and to make books their friends. Books will never hurt you or leave you, they’ll always be with you. Read to increase your knowledge, to improve your vocabulary, to expand your imagination and to live a life which is more interesting than yours.

Read books and get lost in them because only then you’ll truly find yourself.


She was art

She was quite confident and bold. She was strong and brave but no one ever knew the other side of her. The other side where she was shy, the other side where she was weak and afraid, where she was alone and on her own.

She was a book, a book full of secrets.
Her personality was mysterious not everyone could understand her. She never looked nice because she wasn’t ordinary. She was a piece of art and art isn’t supposed to look nice it’s supposed to make you feel something deep inside.


i’m okay!

I’m okay!

I might not look okay sometimes but I’m okay, I’m alive and I’m going on…

Do you ever feel hurt when you miss someone? Does that pain makes your heart ache?

People say as the time passes by your pain fades away. But no it doesn’t, it never fades away. You just get used to it. That pain is always there it keeps reminding you of that someone who was a part of your life and now that someone is gone and the only thing left is pain. But that pain doesn’t hurt that much. It’s the symbol of life, it’s an indication that you care, it’s a sign that you’ll never get over that person. You start living with that pain and every night before closing your eyes that pain makes you realize that sometimes you just gotta live and look forward because you’ve got no other options. You can’t bring that someone back no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try but you just can’t. That pain makes you realize that you’re just another messed up human who can’t even breathe if God doesn’t want him to.

You might love someone so much, so much that you might think you’ll die if they leave but you can’t love someone as much as you can miss them when they’re gone…
Remembering someone is easy we do it everyday, Missing them is a heartache that never goes away.
That aching pain makes you feel weak but in reality it’s the only thing that is making you strong. When you’ll miss that someone you might feel lonely, you might feel helpless, you might feel like killing yourself or dying or whatever but trust me you’ll survive through all of it, you’ll live through it, that pain will keep reminding you of that someone, it’ll keep reminding you of how easy it is to get hurt but it’ll make you more human, more alive and more strong. Some wounds heal but some become scars and stay with you forever. The pain will always be there but you’ll get used to it.

You’ll be okay, you’ll be just fine…girl-night-stars-window-favim-com-113232

Thinking out loud

“Why? Why do they judge you without knowing anything?

Why do they talk behind your back?

Why don’t they ask you before discussing it with someone else? Why huh?

Everyone does everything for a reason. Every decision we take, everything we say, it’s for a reason. Then why don’t they understand?

Why don’t they come to you and ask you before judging you? Why? “, She said.

He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her into a hug. “Why don’t you think, you think a little too much?” , He said.


Take Me Away!

Take me someplace where no one knows my name,

Where I can live my life,

Where I can be myself,

Take me away, Take me away,

I want to escape the reality,

Because it is cruel,

I want to live in my fantasy, 

Because it is better than the truth,

Take me away, Take me away,

Where there are no Humans, just animals and birds,

Where there is no one to hurt me, 

Where there is no one to scream in my face,

Let me run away, please take me away.




War Is Not The Only Way.

This is what Harry Patch, the last surviving soldier of World War I said:

“War is organized murder and nothing else.”

I just wanna say that war is not the only way. It’s not the only answer. In war no one ever wins. Even if you win the fight you still lose. Because in both ways human lives are being sacrificed. How can you kill innocent people? See the faces of those innocent Syrian children, they are harmless. Their lives don’t matter to you. Why? Because they’re from Syria? Because they’re not Americans? Because they’re not from a developed country? Or because they are Muslims?

President Hollande said France would be “merciless toward the barbarians of Islamic State group”.

“Faced with war, the country must take appropriate action,” he said.

What is an appropriate action? Killing innocent civilians?

You wanna fight the terrorists, go ahead nobody is stopping you. But leave children and innocent civilians out of it. Killing innocent people is always wrong.

“Let There Be Peace.”ee0b165f61c579034299cba5763ee824